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MINISCADA configurable web gateway


The miniSCADA is an easy-to-use web based SCADA system. Both local and remote monitoring and control is supported over Ethernet, Internet, LANs, Telephone modems, GSM (external modem necessary) and GPRS (Miniscada 2 Required).

The BPC miniSCADA hardware has a built-in web server that operates when customizing the graphical user web interface. Everything is done by clicking your way through the onboard web pages using a standard web browser at any computer. Therefore no Windows tools or HTML editors are needed. No licenses or royalties.

Connect the Modbus devices and select the desired Data. Data which has been configured are shown automatically on the integrated webpage. There is no need for HTML programming.

Technical Data

Ethernet Protocols: Modbus TCP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, SNMP

Ethernet Baud rate: 10 / 100 Mbit/s

Serial interface #1: RS232 / RS485 for Modbus RTU /ASCII

Serial interface #2:RS232 (full modemsupport)

Network baud rate: Configurable up to 57.6 kbit/s

Power supply: 9 - 32V AC/DC

Current consumption: 50mA / 24V

Operation temperature: 0...+60°C

Certifications: EN 50081-2:1993 und EN 61000-6-2:1999

Humidity range: 5 -93% RH, non condensing

Housing: Grey plastic, Lexan 940, self-extinguishing acc. to UL94-V0
Din rail mounting, 4 modules, IP 20

Mechanical dimensions: 90mm x 70mm x 58mm

MiniScada 2 configurable web gateway
Miniscada 2 with GPRS

MiniScada configurable web gateway

Web server

The Gateway acts as a web interface to one or more Modbus RTU devices (SLAVES). The Gateway holds an embedded web server with corresponding web pages inside. The user can configure what data (up to 400 Modbus registers) to be monitored and controlled through the onboard webpages. When the configuration is saved, the Modbus data will start updating immediately on the web pages.

Alarms by Email and SMS

The user can configure up to 64 alarms and the conditions to trigger an alarm. The alarm can be sent by email or SMS (Miniscada 2 required) where the user can decide whom to receive the alarms. Of course the user can configure the text in the email or the SMS. All alarms are additionally stored in an alarm history.

Data logging with historical trend graphs

The device can log up to 64 parameters with selectable sample rate (10s-60 min). The parameters are stored into the built-in memory and they are also displayed with trend graphs. Collected data can be downloaded to the PC as CSV-file.

Modbus TCP

The Gateway acts as pure transparent connection between serial Modbus RTU devices to the standard Ethernet protocol Modbus TCP, used in all major SCADA systems or PLC's.


To ensure safe communication the product supports different levels of security. For example, an authorized user must be able to log on with the right user name and password, assigned by the administrator.

The product also holds several functions to keep the data base consistent in case of power loss etc.

Connection Diagram

Miniscada usage diagram

Home > Product Listing > MINISCADA configurable web gateway