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EMM1 Switchboard Multimeter

Standard Features

Measurement display and communication of up to 23 major parameters

True RMS measurement for accurate measurement of distorted waveforms

High accuracy

Three line LED display

Large red LED's for easy viewing

Tactile feedback keys for positive user interface

Simple menu structure

User programmable screen for custom application's

EMM1 Switchboard Multimeter

Displayed Parameters

System voltage, average current, total power

Voltage per phase L-N

Voltage per phase to phase

Current per phase

System neutral current, frequency and power factor

Power - kW (Active) and VAr (Reactive), kVA (Apparent)

kWh (Active energy)

kVAr.h (Reactive energy)

Demand A and kW

Maximum demand A and kW

The EMM1 can also be supplied with add-on modules for pulsed kWh output and RS485 data logging.

Technical Data

Input Voltage
(specify on order)

L-N 57 to 277 V

L-L 100 to 480 V

Measuring range 10 - 100%

Range of use 5 - 120%


5 A (standard), 1 A (optional)

Measuring range 10 - 100%

Range of use 5 - 120%

Maximum C.T. ratio 4000:5 A or 4000:1 A

Frequency 45 to 65 Hz
Power factor Range of use 0.5 lag to 0.8 lead