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kWh1 96 x 96mm kWh Pulse Meter

This Class1 kWh pulse meter enables kWh consumption to be economically measured on outgoing feeders or incoming power supplies.

The 7 digit LCD display reads to the nearest kWh. The accuracy of the meter can be checked to two decimal places during commissioning, and the pulse output is selectable as 1 or 10kWh per pulse.

Pulse output is by means of optically isolated volt free contacts with a closure time of 100 ms thus making the kWh1 suitable for most energy measurement /management systems.

Pulse output is optically shown on the front of the meter with an LED, whilst the second LED shows the strobe pulse for calibration.

The kWh1 can accept CT ratios form 5/5 up to 5000/5 and is fully compliant with BS EN 61326 – 1997 / BS EN 61000 –4– 2/3/4 1995-2002. The instrument complies with electromagnetic compatibility levels A1/A2 and A3

Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 90mm ( deep)

Weight: 0.52 kg

IP 54

Delivery: ex Stock UK

Contactor for Capacitor Switching

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